Казахские проектно-инжиниринговые работы

Construction support

After obtaining GosExpertiza design approval, our customers, as a rule, hold a tender to determine the company, which will be entrusted with the construction of the facility.

Further, in the period of mobilization of the resources by contractor, the construction customers may sign contracts to carry out field supervision with the design companies which are the authors of the current project or participated in the design of this facility, as well as with certified specialists in the field supervision.

In addition, customers of construction who do not have qualified technical personnel in their permanent staff may sign contracts to carry out technical and other types of supervision, including construction support by supervisors constantly present on the construction site.

Our company can offer its customers the construction support to provide the required timing, cost and quality of construction and installation works, as well as to ensure their conformity with the design decisions taken earlier, before putting the facilities into operation.

Activities to support the construction:

  • Field supervision
  • Technical supervision
  • Supervisor services
  • Preparation of as-built documentation

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