Казахские проектно-инжиниринговые работы

Drafting of STU [Project Specific Standard]

In the design of facilities that have specific parameters for a given sizes, design capacity, process technology, functional purpose, and other special terms and conditions under which there are no regulations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the customers initiate the drafting of STU [Project Specific Standard] - special regulations for design and construction which replace the standards that are missing for this project, namely this STU:

  • reflects the project design specifics, by which they are developed, and include specific requirements (recommendations) for space planning, structural and (or) engineering-technical, design solutions that take into account peculiarities of the goals and challenges arising from the design brief;
  • is to be approved by the authorized state body for architecture, urban planning and construction, and other relevant government authorities;
  • is to be approved by the construction customer;
  • is applied only to this project, unless otherwise specified in the decision of the authorized state body for architecture, urban planning and construction on approval of this STU.

Moreover, in practice, there are cases, when our customers giving special importance to the status and uniqueness of the project planned for construction, select the internationally recognized design companies to develop project design or its individual phases, which in turn use in their work the international and/or foreign codes and standards.

Regulations existing in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the design have some differences with the conditions set out in the international standards. Regardless of the occurrence of a certain complexity associated with the use of international standards in terms of their inconsistency with certain provisions of regulations of the national standards, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for possible use of the international standards in order to eliminate regulatory barrier in the design and construction of unique facilities and introduction of advanced technologies and standards.

However, the possible deviations from the requirements of existing building regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan are permitted under appropriate justifications included in STU to be developed.

In this case, STU will be presented in the form of regulatory and informative data representing the distinctive requirements of various international norms and standards that can be applied in the facility design and construction.

Our experts have extensive experience in the drafting of STU for the large and significant projects, including those that are included in the Map of Industrial Development of Kazakhstan.

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